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Reclaiming You: The 40 Plus Female Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

In this episode I have an amazing conversation with chiropractor,  Dr Aaron Tressler.  We discussed the importance of movement and staying in shape as he is still playing rugby with 20yr olds as he is well into his 50's and how chiropractic care has helped in the healing process. We also had a conversation on the power of mindset.  

Dr. Aaron D. Tressler's passion for natural health and healing extends back to childhood. Growing up, he suffered from chronic gastrointestinal issues, allergies and sinus problems. His struggles through sports injuries and back pain led him to his first chiropractic experience his senior year at Greensburg Salem High School. And then witnessing his father die from heart disease at age 50, he vowed to never allow this to happen to him and was determined to find an answer. Chiropractic care not only corrected his pain, but also his sickness, and he knew if it could change his life, it would also change the life of thousands of others.

After graduating from Greensburg Salem High School, he continued his education at Slippery Rock University in Health and Physical Education. A few years into teaching physical education, his passion for health grew and it was undeniable that his mission to change lives would be through chiropractic. As a Doctorate of Chiropractic graduate from Life University, Atlanta, GA in 1994, Dr. Tressler has spent the past 26+ years helping thousands of patients. Ranging from newborn to age 99, he specializes in not only reducing or eliminating their symptoms through chiropractic care, but also enhancing their overall quality of life through lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, weight loss, and supplementation.

 Dr. Tressler is the author of 5 health books, state representative for Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania, International Chiropractic Association member, Creator of IN8LIFE weight loss system, developer of The Chiropractic Authority coaching platform, and host of the Making Pittsburgh Healthy Podcast.


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